BBQ at the Red Lion Warmington 12th August 2015  
  The Marquee   Flowers on the patio  
  Shirley, Jack and Anne   John, Barry and Dennis  
  Freda, Robin, Angela, Chris and John   Ron, Mary and Bill  
  Mike, Sylvia and President Alan   Barbara, Joan, Margot, John and Brian  
  Barry, Carol and Ron   Jo, Colin and Pat  
  Kay, Jan, Anne and Margaret   Nigel  
  Cooking our BBQ   Table flower arrangement  
  Dennis and Julia   Robin, Barry and Carol  
  Des, Kay, Harry and Stella   Helen, Jan and Dave  
  Mike, Sylvia and Ross   Joan, Bill, John and Margot  
  Alison and John   Peter, John and Freda  
  Robin, Margaret and John   Peter and John  
  Sandy, Bill and Eleanor   Janet and John  
  Pam, Jo and Barry   Fred, Jane and Nora  
  Ron and Janet   Nora and Harry  
  John, Carol and Dennis   Peter, Anne and Andy  
  Shirley, Anne and Jack   Stella, Harry and Ron  
  Trevor, Daphne and Keith   Standing - President Alan, John and Peter  
  View inside the Marquee   Serving our puddings  
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