1.0   Title

        The Club shall be known as the NENE VALLEY PROBUS.

2.0   Aim

To promote friendship and fellowship amongst members and activities for their  mutual benefit                                          

3.0   Membership

3.1 Shall be open to gentlemen who have retired or are about to retire from PROfessional or BUSiness occupations.

3.2 Applicants should have attended a luncheon meeting as a guest of a member before being nominated for membership.

3.3 The Luncheon Secretary shall be informed at least two days before luncheon meetings of intended absence. Expenses incurred in respect of missed attendance without prior notification, will be paid to the Treasurer.

3.4 The total active membership shall be restricted to fortyfive and will not include Honorary Members. Honorary Members shall be decided at a meeting of the Members.

3.5 Members shall permit the club and members of the club to hold such details of their addresses, e-mail addresses, ‘phone numbers and other data as the club shall regard as necessary to the proper management of the club in whatsoever form as proves efficient.

4.0   The Constitution

4.1 The Officers of the club shall be:

President, who shall hold office from AGM to AGM, 


Immediate Past-President,

Hon. Secretary,

Hon. Treasurer

4.2 The Vice-President shall be elected by the club at the Annual General Meeting and shall succeed to the office of President at the next Annual General Meeting.

4.3 The Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer shall be elected and normally will hold office for a maximum of three consecutive years.

4.4 The club shall elect or appoint members to act as: Social Secretary, Speaker Secretary, Luncheon Secretary and Welfare Officer. One member may be appointed to more than one of these posts.

        4.5 The Committee shall consist of these officers.

4.6 One third of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.

4.7 The Committee may co-opt further members as deemed necessary.

5.0  Finance

5.1 The annual subscription (payable pro-rata for the number of months of membership available prior to the Annual General Meeting) and membership fee shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting. It will be due immediately and should be paid within five weeks of that meeting.

5.2 No charitable disbursements shall be made by the Club unless -

a) the speaker represents a charity. Disbursements made in such cases shall be limited to three each year and shall be of such amount as may be determined by the Committee; or

b) in the case of a widow of a member of the Club who requests that monies which would otherwise be spent by the Club on the purchase of flowers or a wreath at that member's funeral should be allocated instead to a charity nominated by her. In such case the amount so allocated shall be determined by the Committee.

5.3 The club shall open accounts in its name. The club shall hold a bank debit card which will be in the possession of the Treasurer. Up to 3 members, approved by the Annual General Meeting will have the authority to use this card and sign cheques for withdrawals and disbursements from the account.

5.4 The  financial year shall run from 1st April to 31st March.

5.5 An Auditor, not being a member of the committee, shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Audited accounts will be presented to the Annual General Meeting for approval by the members.

6.0   Meetings

6.1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than the 30th day of April each year.

6.2 The club will meet not less than once each calendar month.

6.3 Regular meetings will comprise: 

(a) A monthly luncheon meeting with a speaker (the 1st Tuesday of each month).

(b) A monthly coffee morning combined with a business meeting (the 3rd Tuesday of each month).

(c) Members will be expected to attend luncheon meetings and coffee/business meetings unless otherwise engaged.

6.4 Irregular meetings will comprise:

(a) Events organised by or for the club.

(b) Extraordinary General Meetings. These may be called by the Committee or twenty percent of the membership. Written notice must be given to the Hon. Secretary of the club. The meeting will be convened not less than three weeks from receipt of the request.

7.0   Alterations to the Constitution

Any proposal to amend or add to the provisions of the constitution of the Club may be made either at the Annual General Meeting of the Club or at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club for which two weeks' notice shall be given accompanied by written notice of the proposed amendment or addition.

Last revision 16/04/13


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