Visit to the Cutty Sark at Woolwich - 29th April 2014  
  Keith and Barry   The rigging  
  Anne and Jo   View over the bowsprit  
  Clive (far left) listrening to guide   Keith and Anne  
  Keith, David and Margaret   Kay and Des  
  Margaret and Ron   Robin  
  Ship in a bottle   Pig (wooden) simulating animals carried on voyage  
  John and Keith   Dave and Barry  
  View towards London along River Thames   Entrance to the walkway under the River Thames  
  The ship's bell   Keith and Daphne  
  Keith and Peter   Under the keel  
  Lunch with Daphne, Trevor, Keith and Anne   Carol and Dennis  
  Kay, Irene, John and Chris   Adrienne, Peter, Robin, Julia and Barry  
  Angela and Margaret   Barry and Jo  
  Figureheads   Figureheads  
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