Fenland Adventure 12th May 2005
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The Bronze Eagle commemorates the 1770 prisoners who died at the Norman Cross Prison Depot. The Depot housed at any one time 7000 prisoners and 1000 staff. The prisoners were mainly French sailors taken captive between 1797 and 1814
The Bronze Eagle
Group by the Eagle
Harry, Barry & Robin
The Holme Fen Posts were sunk into the ground up to the tops of the posts in 1841, when the fens were being drained. Due to the peat soil drying and shrinking and with the wind blowing the light soil away, the ground level is now 13 ft lower than the tops of the posts.
One of the Holme Fen Posts
Group by a Post
We lunched at the Ramsey Rural Museum. The Museum contains many old artifacts from times long gone, old pieces and models showing how we lived and worked in the fairly recent past. Many of our members remembered having and using products which are now museum pieces.
Barry, Ron & Robin
The lunch group
John, Margaret & Harry
Wheelwright's corner
Blacksmith's Tools
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