The "Tresham Trail" 21st July 2005
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Sir Thomas Tresham (born 1545, died 1605) knight, landowner, persecuted Catholic and builder, lived at Rushton, near Oundle. His legacy is four of the most romantic buildings in Britain, three of which we visited. Sir Thomas spent many years in jail because of his Catholic beliefs, during the reign of Qeen Elizabeth I. The buildings are full of religious significance, with an emphasis on significant numerals. His son Francis was involved in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and died as a traitor in the Tower of London

The sarcophagus of Sir Thomas's Grandfather in Rushton Church
A window above the Tresham Chapel in Rushton Church
Rushton Hall
Wooden panelling above the fireplace in the Library of Rushton Hall
Wood carving by the fireplace in the Library of Rushton Hall
The Courtyard of Rushton Hall
The Triangular Lodge at Rushton
Roof detail of the Lodge
The door into the Lodge
Lyveden New Bield
The entrance into the Bield
The kitchen in the Bield
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