8th  April 2016
    Held at Elton Furze Golf Club
  President Alan  
  Kay, Mary, Ron L and Des   Keith, Ron D and Anne  
  Richard, Sandy and Trevor   Mike, Sylvia and Anne  
  Ross, Sylvia and Peter   Margaret, Robin and Anne  
  John B and Des   John M and Kay  
  Nora, Peter and Mary   Angela and Jack  
  Daphne, guest Barney and Margaret   Marilyn, guest Ben and Robin  
  Guest Helen and Richard   Maryon and Stella  
  Harry and guest John   Chris, Michael and Anne  
  Margaret, John and Ron   Keith and Chris  
  John and Ann   Guest Jackie, Barry, Eleanor and guest Richard  
  President Alan, guest Jackie and Barry   Trevor, guest Wanna and David  
  Ben and Helen of "Caprice" our enterainers  
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