Tony Rowell

2019 - 2020


(Sadly Tony died in office, and Trevor Brant has taken over as interim president until April 2010)

I congratulate Trevor Brant my predecessor on a most enjoyable and successful year as President despite some trying and sad times with the passing of a number of members who must not be forgotten. He has set the bar high for me to follow.

I will do my best to continue the traditions of the club and maintain the high degree of comradeship and fellowship which has been developed over the years.

I am very grateful to Peter James (Club Secretary), Harry Whitelock (Club Treasurer), Ian Browne (Speaker Finder), David Bland ( Vice President) and all other members who have agreed to help with the running of the club for this year. It is very heartening to have this support.

Ian has done a tremendous job once again in putting together a programme of very interesting speakers which gives the foundation for what I hope will be another enjoyable year.

I hope that we my be able to arrange some club outings and invite all members to suggest some places of interest which we can consider organizing a trip to.

I would also like to urge all members to introduce friends and associates who my be considered as prospective new members as we have a number of vacancies to fill.


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