Italian Sauce of the Gods

(recipe provided by Silvana M.)

(for 6 persons)



500g Chestnut mushrooms

500g Mascarpone cheese

4 medium onions

2 peperoncini or mini chillis (pulverised into powder)

salt & pepper to taste

butter & oil for frying


Wash, dry and grate mushrooms coarsely, fry in butter then drain.

Peel and grate onions coarsely, fry until soft and golden, in butter and oil.

Mix together mushrooms and onions, add peperoncini (chillis), salt and pepper to taste.

When cool, add all of the Mascarpone - stir well, do not liquidise.

Keeping and eating

Sauce may be divided into 3 polythene bags (one bag serves 2 persons) and frozen.

When required, defrost but do not allow to boil.

To serve, cook and drain spaghetti (125g pp) then return pasta to the pan, add one or more portions of the defrosted sauce to the pasta, stir together and cook lightly for a few minutes.

Serve in heated dishes with a topping of freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Buon Appetito!

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