Layered Sponge Cake

(recipe provided by Peter F.)


Ingredients - Cake

6 oz. self raising flour

6 oz. soft margarine (Stork or Blueband)

6 oz. caster sugar

3 eggs

Method to make cake

Take margarine out of ‘frig several hours before required. Cream margarine and sugar until very soft and light.

Beat the eggs and add a little at a time to the margarine and sugar mixture (don’t worry if it curdles).

Stir flour gently into the mixture.

Apply margarine using a piece of kitchen-roll to two 7 inch sandwich tins. Divide the mixture equally between them and smooth surfaces.

Bake on top shelf of oven for 25 minutes gas 4.

When cooked, put onto wire trays to cool.

Filling (Jam or icing)

1. Jam - Layer soft jam between the layers, then sieve icing sugar onto top.


2. Icing

Ingredients for icing

½ lb. sieved icing sugar

2 oz. soft margarine

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

2 teaspoons cream or top of full cream milk ( 1 spoon Camp coffee may be substituted for 1 of cream, if coffee flavoured icing is required)

Method for icing

Blend icing sugar and margarine then add vanilla essence and cream. Apply to one section of sponge, lay other on top and decorate top layer passing icing through a nozzle.

Keep in an airtight tin and eat within a few days as the sponge deteriorates quickly.

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